Z Control Standard Features

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag injection molding machines are equipped with control systems that are recognized for building operator confidence and being processing oriented. This means that they are not only easy to use, but they also help molders optimize machine performance and produce better parts.

In addition to the new FFC, MCM and SPS systems (use buttons above at right) of the Z Control, a wide range of standard features are provided:

  • 12.1-inch, full-color, TFT flat display with touch-screen capability
  • Screen-prompted setup assistance and auto-programming of initial molding conditions
  • Password-protected lockout capabilities

  • Storage of data on 100,000 shots for downloading
  • Display of the last 500 shots and various charting capabilities including histograms and dispersion diagrams
  • For visual trending over time and the capability to store and view molding profiles for the last 1000 shots
  • Extensive SPC and QC capabilities designed to help refine the process and monitor and document quality
  • Machine optimization capabilities, such as easy ramping programs, assist molders in decreasing cycle times and increasing productivity
  • PC-based system with USB port that can be used for print screen function and to download molding process, logging, analysis, and history data
  • Change Log Screen that logs and stores the last 200 changes
  • 8 parameters (selectable from 20) can be graphically displayed on a single screen
  • Serial port, parallel port and five independent machine status signals (selectable from 24 possible signals) that are available for output
  • Convenient data storage capability in the control unit for 200 mold setups
  • Highly reliable keys that ensure fast, accurate data entry
  • Metric or English units available by selection