New Interval Maintenance Kits

The smart, easy, parts program for your SE all-electric machines.

For SE-S, SE-D/DU/DUZ, SE-HD/HDZ, SE-HS/HSZ and SE-EV all-electric machines

Our new interval maintenance kits are designed to minimize downtime and protect your productivity and machinery investment.


You probably know to change the batteries in your home smoke detectors every year and that it's the smart thing to do. But when should you change the battery in your SE injection molding machine?

Our Interval Maintenance Kits are designed to help you know when to replace SE machine parts such as motor fans, capacitors, contactors, batteries, etc. And while they may seem like simple parts, knowing which parts to replace when can help avoid unscheduled downtime or costly problems down the road.


It's easy to take advantage of this new program, too. Just call and and provide the serial number for each SE machine you want to protect. We'll put together the exact parts list by machine model and size and generate a quotation for you.

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