Specifications for All-Electric Injection Molding Machines

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag manufactures a wide range of all-electric injection molding machines from 8 to 936 U.S. tons. Please select the appropriate model from the links shown below for detailed specifications. These specifications are provided in both English and Metric units for your convenience.

For specifications of previous models, use the Legacy Specs links shown at the left (or below on a mobile phone.)

For descriptions and literature on Sumitomo (SHI) Demag's all-electric machinery, click here.

SE7M — Direct-Drive Micro All-Electric, 7.7 U.S. Tons

SE-DUZ Series — Direct-Drive All-Electric, 20-33 U.S. Tons

SE-DUZ-HD Series — High-Duty All-Electric, 20-33 U.S. Tons

NEW SEEV-A Series — Advanced All-Electric, 56-202 U.S. Tons

SE-EV Series — Advanced All-Electric, 56-202 U.S. Tons

SE-EV-HD Series — High-Duty All-Electric, 112-202 U.S. Tons

NEW SEEV-AHD Series — High-Duty All-Electric, 247-562 U.S. Tons

SE-HSZ Series — High-Speed All-Electric, 242-385 U.S. Tons

SE-HSZ PACK Series — High-Speed Packaging All-Electric, 308-385 U.S. Tons

SE-HDZ Series — High-Duty All-Electric, 242-496 U.S. Tons

SEHS-CI — High-Speed Multi-Shot All-Electric, 253-308 U.S. Tons

SE75D-CI — Multi-Shot All-Electric, 88 U.S. Tons

SR-Z — Rotary-Table Vertical All-Electric, 55-83 U.S. Tons

SV — Vertical All-Electric, 20-55 U.S. Tons