SE-HDZ Injection Unit Features

The mid-sized SE-HDZ all-electric injection molding machine uses two Sumitomo-built AC servo motors with full closed-loop control and digital sensors for the injection unit. Developed for high-duty applications, the SE-HDZ’s injection motor provides the ability to consistently maintain very high hold pressure for an extended period of time.

Working together with the new Z Control, the SE-HDZ delivers improved precision with low-pressure filling. The Z's patent-pending Flow Front Control (FFC) System optimizes the flow front, further allowing control of low internal pressures inside the cavities. This system:

  • Takes advantage of the viscoelastic properties of the resin — visco (creep) and elasticity (recovery or pull back) — and allows complete filling without flash
  • Provides precision control of screw position to ensure consistent filling, shot-to-shot
  • Avoids overfilling, allowing gases to be released and preventing short shots

Another aspect of the SE-HDZ is the increased injection capacity for large molded products. On the SE280HDZ, for example, the injection capacity ranges up to 76.1 in3.

Other advantages of the SE-HDZ Series injection unit include:

  • 10 modes or ramps of filling speed and hold pressure response that allow the operator to precisely set the plasticizing acceleration and deceleration response
  • Unerring injection velocity control and exceptional velocity response are provided by the use of direct digital control
  • Programmable ramping of the velocity and excellent linearity from low- to high-range velocities allows precision molding of diverse applications
  • High-contact-force nozzle touch system comparable to that of a hydraulic clamp machine
  • Flash Speed Mode which provides fast response control of velocity and pressure, before and after V/P switchover, to prevent short shots and warp from over-packing
  • Synchronized Plasticizing Mode, for resins with low viscosity or uneven pellet size, that provides optimized control of both screw position and back pressure, ensuring plasticizing stability
  • SD screw which is designed to ensure the stability of the melt, contributing to the consistent quality and improved yield
  • Optional low-shear, low-temperature SM screw

Additionally, with the SE-HDZ Series, Sumitomo’s extensive experience in designing and manufacturing electric motors ensures that each machine configuration has the absolute best combination of motors to ensure superior performance (the right amount of torque) while keeping the machine reasonably sized and priced.

The SE220HDZ, for example, employs Sumitomo direct-drive motor technology for injection and screw rotation, regardless of injection unit chosen. The SE450HD is equipped with high-capacity belted motors and the motor for injection uses two, large-load capacity ball screws to ensure highly efficient power transmission and outstanding durability compared to single screw motors. (Consult your Sumitomo representative for the exact combination of motors for the particular tonnage and injection unit size selected.)

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