Ultra-High-Speed Hybrid Injection Molding Machines

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Sumitomo (SHI) Demag's El-Exis SP (Speed-Performance) is the ultra-high-speed hybrid series of injection molding machines that redefines high productivity for packaging and other thin-wall applications requiring high injection speeds, ultra-fast cycling and exceptional precision.

Available in model sizes from 169 to 843 U.S. tons, the El-Exis SP has been designed for high-speed production of applications such as thin-walled food packaging, closures for beverages, cartridges, plant pots and buckets. Taking a "best of both worlds" approach to injection molding, the hybrid series combines speed and performance with:

  • Ultra-high-speed injection via hydraulic accumulator and servo-valve
  • Energy efficient electric screw drive for maximum plasticizing capacity and melt homogeneity, and a clamping unit with AC servo drive and hydrostatic transmission for fast, energy-efficient mold open/close

Some of the design improvements for the Speed-Performance series include:

  • Up to 30% more energy efficient operation than other high-speed hybrid designs
  • 30% increase in injection speed over predecessor El-Exis S model, achieving up to 1000 mm/sec dependent on configuration
  • 25 millisecond acceleration from 0 to an injection speed of 800 mm/s
  • A position-regulated servo valve in combination with a high-resolution path measuring system that supports precise and rapid deceleration
  • Expanded opening stroke for models 330 U.S. tons and above to meet requirements for molding deeper containers such as buckets
  • The NC5 plus control which has been redesigned with unique functions for high-speed operation and optimization of energy use

Please use the El-Exis SP Info links above at left for more information about this series of ultra-high-speed hybrid injection molding machines.