SEHS-CI Injection Features
High-Speed Multi-Shot All-Electrics

Injection features for Sumitomo (SHI) Demagís high-speed double-shot SEHS-CI Series of all-electric injection molding machines include:

  • Selectable injection units, screw diameters and screw types to handle a wide range of molding applications and resins
  • Sumitomo direct-drive motor technology for injection
  • High injection speeds (300mm/sec) and hold pressures (up to 41,248 psi)
  • Direct digital control for unerring injection velocity control and exceptional velocity response
  • Programmable ramping of the velocity and excellent linearity from low- to high-range velocities for applications flexibility
  • Synchronized Plasticizing Mode, for resins with low viscosity or uneven pellet size, which provides optimized control of both screw position and back pressure, ensuring plasticizing stability
  • Flash Speed Mode, which is automatically initiated at high injection speeds. This feature provides fast response control of velocity and pressure, before and after V/P switchover, to prevent short shots and warp from over-packing

For specifications, or to read more about the high-speed double-shot SEHS-CI Series of all-electric injection molding machines, please use the SEHS-CI Info links at the left.