Double Center Press Platen

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag's Double Center Press Platen, which can be found on all SE-HDZ and SE-HSZ mid-sized all-electric injection molding machines, features high rigidity and uniform distribution of the clamping force, ensuring superior surface pressure balance even in the center surface area of the mold.

Significant advantages of this design include:

  • Reduction of platen deflection as shown above at left

  • Prevention of flash and short molding due to the uniform force distribution

  • Improved protection of core pins and extended service life of molds

Additionally, this patent pending design, due to the even surface force distribution on the mold, can reduce the clamping force required by up to 20%. This feature, when combined with extra wide platens and high injection capacities, can in many cases allow molds to be run on smaller machines.